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RAY AGUA is a leader in generation of drinking water from atmospheric humidity. The small power consumption is the key of efficiency of the technology developed by RAY AGUA. All standard components, easy maintenance and low cost, make RAY AGUA´s technology more attractive against other competitors.

Analyzing different types of water and its cost, Ray Water has a very advantageous position over others. We detected a very important market, the largest in the world, treated water and bottled, over 45 billion euros with a consumption of more than 115,000,000 cubic meters in 2006 (www.bottledwater.org) because it guarantees quality, hygiene and health to the consumers.

We are also manufacturing very pure water through a natural cycle, artificially created in our machines. Furthermore, water while passing through the circuit specifically designed in Ray Technology Water, is purified automatically. The result is a pure water of low mineralization that you can remineralize later on demand.

Water Ray Agua technology´ cost is lower than those treated and bottled. The use of our equipment, considering amortization and maintenance, is more economical.

What do we do?

RAY AGUA developed a new technology that transforms the atmospheric humidity to drinking water by its AQUAIR units with reduced power consumption and low maintenance cost. RAY AGUA provides custom made water source with unlimited capacity of drinking water generation, thanks to the modularity of its universal units. RAY AGUA designs and manufactures two modular formats: AQ250 able to produce up to 260 liters at day and AQ5000 able to generate 8,400 liters of drinking water per day.


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diferent-sources-of-waterAnalyzing different types of water and its cost, Ray Water has a very advantageous position over others. We...
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water-shortage-in-the-worldMost of the world's population suffering water scarcity in the world is living in the Mediterranean countries of...


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