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RAY AGUA is a leader in generation of drinking water from atmospheric humidity. The small power consumption is the key of efficiency of the technology developed by RAY AGUA. All standard components, easy maintenance and low cost, make RAY AGUA´s technology more attractive against other competitors.



We believe that small machines are more suitable for indoor use. However, our commitment is to manufacture equipment designed for outdoors.  Raw material is air, always pure. No capture limits.

We are producing very low mineralization drinking water obtained in any circumstance and environment. We have design and built several types of units, known commercially AQUAIR, upon market´s request. They have high quality materials and finishes and tailor made energy management.

Divided in two main groups, AQ5000 is easy moving and towable. Produces up to 8.400 liters daily and it was thought to use in areas with specific needs of water. AQ250 has been design for a fix location although is easy moving as well. It is suitable for domestic use, sports, and farming/livestock holdings. AQ250 generate up to 260 liters diary with a minimum maintenance. Both of them don´t needs specific maintenance, works in very extreme conditions with any kind of energy, including renewable, and they are emissions free. In addition to designing our equipments we carry out "tailor made" projects developing our units to every specific region conditions, location, climate or water demand.

Ray Agua units have a wide versatility so our market position is as wide as sectors demand. Ray Agua equipments are used in military camps, natural disasters, hospitals and industrial uses, as isolated areas: oil platforms, farming or livestock holdings.
Human and economic capital invested in our products open up possibilities of immediate growth of new solutions, new designs and new alternatives.

Water Ray products cover a wide range of application and versatility. Our market position is as wide as sectors there are. AQUAIR units can be used in military bases, for natural disasters or water supply camps; drinking water supply in hospitals, industrial and isolated areas such as oil rigs, agriculture, for irrigation intensive, or domestic.

The human and economic capital invested in our products open opportunities for immediate growth with new solutions, new designs and new alternatives.


We have found in this equipments right balance to generate water with a minimum charge. Our consumption in relation to the water produced is very profitable. We know that in smaller versions cost per liter grows and is not profitable.



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