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RAY AGUA is a leader in generation of drinking water from atmospheric humidity. The small power consumption is the key of efficiency of the technology developed by RAY AGUA. All standard components, easy maintenance and low cost, make RAY AGUA´s technology more attractive against other competitors.



The liter of water generated by the Water Ray equipment would range from 1 to 3 cents, depending on the cost of energy, geographical area and power consumption rates. The price of a liter of water includes depreciation costs and equipment maintenance.

Any specialized service.

Start up and manipulation is very easy. Just press switch on/off.

AQUAIR are free specialized maintenance equipment. However, to maintain optimal operating state is recommended to consult the preventive maintenance manual.

Guarantee covers material defects or manufactured defects on equipments installed in EU for 12 months.

Delivery time is subject to stock available. Some units are immediate delivery. If the order is on demand, very specific and the client wants to customize the equipment, delivery would range between two or six months.



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