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RAY AGUA is a leader in generation of drinking water from atmospheric humidity. The small power consumption is the key of efficiency of the technology developed by RAY AGUA. All standard components, easy maintenance and low cost, make RAY AGUA´s technology more attractive against other competitors.

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The amount of water produced and its costs depend on environmental conditions, as high humidity and temperature as higher level production. 

In each geographic area, depending on the season and, even, day hour, these conditions could be changed. Air humidity and temperatureaffect directly to water production process and its cost. 

Due to importance of both values, they are always shown in a digital panel installed in all our equipment. 

The dependence between water production and these values is reflected in the diagram made for each unit. It shows the production capacity of water (l/h), in different temperature and humidity conditions, and electricity consumption per litre produced (kWh/l). 

Production and energy cost



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